10 Ways To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

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You might be watching a video, playing a game, surfing the internet and more when you get a notification that states your phone battery is running low.

Don’t worry in this article we are going to list ten ways which you can avoid that and make your phone battery last longer.

Most users always complain of their mobile phones battery draining quickly which restricts them from going on their normal activities without restriction.

This issue occurs mostly within phones that have lasted for 2 or more years but fortunately there are lots of ways to make your phone battery to last longer.

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Don’t let your phone battery run down

You might have been made to believe it’s better for your phone battery to drain down completely before charging it, yeah that my be true for old phones batteries but it’s harmful for the litium ion batteries used in modern phones and laptop’s.

Lower battery brightness

Your phone screen drains more battery than any part of your phone so it’s recommended you reduce the brightness of your phone, you should also turn of adaptive and automatic brightness in your phone settings.

Use Wifi Wisely

Most android phone users use wifi a lot daily because it helps cut down monthly data bill but did you know it’s also cutting down on your battery life. anytime your phone wifi is on its wasting energy searching for wifi signals.

Use power saving modes

Most modern phones comes with power savings software to make them last longer, this modes will automatically save some variety of settings such as brightness and which background apps are running. If you have an oled screen using apps on dark/night mode can take your battery life a long way.

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Avoid fast charging

Many phones come with fast charging feature, you can also buy special charging cords which can take your battery from 0% to 100% in minutes instead of hour’s. this can seem as a huge way to cut down inconvenience but do you know you are reducing your phone battery life.

Keep the temperature just right

Just as your body don’t entertain so much cold or heat? that goes same with your phone which doesn’t like extreme temperatures. if your phone battery is heating up alot that means you are using too much power at the same time.

Watch fewer videos on your phone

Limiting video content is a great way to to make your phone battery last longer, streaming videos is one of the biggest power draining activities. The same goes for games which uses much energy on your phone.

Disable or delete facebook

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use facebook buts it’s the app that’s the problem, whether it’s on android or iphone the facebook app is notorious for draining so much energy. deleting, disabling or restricting the app permissions is a great way to save so much battery. It’s advised to use facebook web instead.

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Turn of phone location

Facebook is not the only app which wants to know your location, google apps won’t give very accurate direction if the don’t know your location. You don’t need to be tracked by every app so if you want to save a lot of battery energy switch off location in phone settings.

Disable automatic updates:

Most apps will automatically update as soon as their is a new version available, consider turning off this feature if you want your phone battery to last longer. this also uses your phone data without your consent.

So now you have learnt how you can make your phone battery last you won’t have to experience those inconveniences which your phone battery imposes on you.

Did you make yours last longer?

Let us know below in the comment section if you were able to make your phone battery last longer and also your experience. don’t forget to ask us questions in the comments section as we will be willing to provide you the answers you need.

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