Here Are 5 Reasons Why Most Users Might Stop Using Facebook In Future

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We all know facebook as one the top and leading social media platforms for quite some years now founded by their ceo mark zuckerberg along with some fellow havard students and roommates eduordo saverin, chris huges and others.

After it was initially created the membership was limited to havard students and later expanded to columbia
stanford and yale before later making the membership accessible to anyone who’s 13 years and above.

So we can’t deny for quite some time now we have been enjoying the services facebook has been offering us just like linking up with friends and business partners, communicating with people easily and not mentioning the addictive aspects like liking, commenting and watching of videos on facebook.

But for quite some time now the services offered by facebook has started to clash with their users which might prompt them to leave and find other social media platforms to carryout their numerous tasks and satisfy their desires.

So in this article we are going to be listing those reasons so let’s get started.

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Privacy Reasons

Facebook has been sued to court on numerous occasions because of complaints by users that their data are not secured on the social media platform, one of the court cases which led to a $5 billion penalty against facebook for breaching of privacy. there has been countless occasions where facebook has been accused of selling their customers data to third party services.

Lack Of Freedom In The Platform

Facebook has quite be lacking in this aspect recently as sometimes you post some core issues after some while you are going to notice the have flagged the content and made it inaccessible to users on the platform, thats why users carryout protests and most campaign on other social media platforms other than facebook, it justs like the are trying to keep you mute if you have noticed.

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Getting Into Facebook Jail Is Now Easier

For those who haven’t heard about facebook jail, this is a process where facebook restricts you from carrying out certain actions on the platform for quite some time such as posting, liking, commenting and more because the claim you have violated one of their rules, but as the days goes on facebook seems more strict with their rules and restricts people alot and this could be fustrating leading users to switch to other social media platforms.

Other Social Media Platforms Stepping Up

Most users are now picking interest in other social media platforms such as twitter and telegram because the are now offering services which facebook doesn’t offer and the two platforms mentioned above quite offers a lot of freedom to their users and the chance of you getting banned or restricted is very thin.

Facebook Monopolization

People have been complaining about facebook purchasing smaller companies which are their rivals such as instagram and whatsapp so as to keeps being the top social media brands, but users are not quite happy because you might get to see your favorite social media getting tweaked to your dissatisfaction after facebook might have purchased them.

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