Here Are Five Things You Never Knew Your Android Phone Could Do

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Yeah we all agree that our smartphones are quite amazing and we use them for super amazing things.

From surfing the web, downloading and streaming of movies online, playing games, chatting with friends and engaging with posts on social media.

But I guess you’re gonna be surprised if I told you your android phone could carry our some activities you never knew it could do.

In your mind you might probably be freaked out or you might quite be wondering of what are those stuffs you haven’t done yet with your android device.

We are going to be listing 5 amazing things you never knew your android phone could do in this article, so let’s get started without wasting time.

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Control Your Device With Head Movement

This one is probably gonna be the most shocking in the list, is that even possible using your head to control a smartphone.

Yeah it quite possible so let’s head to how we can make it possible.

Your hands might be busy with some activities and you would want to carryout some things with your smartphone.

So just download Eva facial mouse on playstore and you will be able to control your device with the use of your head.

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Text To Speech

This amazing feature on android phone which read out texts on your android phone instead of you undergoing the stress in doing so.

So to activate this feature go to your phone settings and select accessibility.

Choose the text to speech output.

Choose your preferred language, engine, pitch rate and speed.

Click on the play button to get a demonstration on how your settings you inputted gonna be like in voice.

Screen Magnifier Feature

This amazing feature are most advised for people with poor eyes and it could really be of help to them. you will be able to zoom any display on your android phone by just tapping on it.

Go to your phone settings.

Locate the accessibility section and click on it.

Select the magnification gestures and thats all you need to get started.

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Hotspot Mode

You don’t need to purchase a new modem to be able to share your internet connection to someone or a large group of people, this feature answer all those questions.

Just go to your device settings.

Click on the mobile and Internet section.

Now select the text which states hotspot and tethering.

Turn it on and you are all set.

So you can begin sharing your data connection with others without spending of your budget in acquiring a modem.

Turning On Guest Mode

You are probably gonna be asking yourself now whats this feature all about and you are craving to know more about it.

Guest mode feature are for those android device users that want to keep their personal data private and won’t want someone else accessing it.

So if you do give people your phone and you are always spying on them because you don’t want the to access some of your private features just activate guest mode to do the job for you.

It gonna save you stress and do the work for you by hiding your personal details from the person.

Click on the user icon on the upper right of your phone.

The add guest will become visible to you.

Now you be able to select which actions the person handling your smartphone will be able to access.

Sounds fun right.

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Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience with the free browsing cheat on the comments section.

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6 thoughts on “Here Are Five Things You Never Knew Your Android Phone Could Do

    1. Bro some features are hidden on some phones so you will have to find it out by playing around with your phone for a while..besides everyone has some specific features another doesn’t have.

  1. Wow this is very cool am going to try some of these features if they are available on my new TECNO Camon 16 PRO

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