How To Activate Mtn 500mb Daily E-learning Cheat On Ha Tunnel Plus Vpn

Hey guys, we are back as usual to our normal routine. The good news is there is an amazing and super free browsing cheat for our lovely and wonderful MTN users.

Which can be used to carry out a huge number of activities on the internet. At a very high speed, without having to pay a huge amount of bucks.

Yeah, we all enjoyed a series of free browsing cheat last month which we can all testify to that most especially the stark VPN reloaded 500MB daily.

Also we can’t end this list without mentioning the 9mobile unlimited on stark VPN reloaded, and the famous airtel unlimited on ha tunnel plus VPN.

But after some weeks of free surfing, there was a major setback, which led to all the trending and active free browsing cheats getting blocked by the ISPs.

For those who might have been hearing of ISP for the first time, ISP is an abbreviated word with the full meaning known as Internet Service Providers.

Internet Service Providers are those people that provide bulk data services to end-users for internet access and corporate networks over MTN networks.

So, after all, these most free browsing lovers had to stay off the internet, leaving many with no option but to rely mostly on cheats which were at 50MB daily.

In the midst of all this, we decided it would be better if we go a hunt for new cheats so our users could benefit massively from it.

And after deep research, we came up with a cheat for MTN users which you can use to surf the internet for free, with no costs attached to it.

This cheat is capped at 500MB daily, but it’s still far better than the capped 50MB tweaks. With this, you can go about your everyday routines.

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So let’s get started on this article on how you can activate the MTN e-learning free browsing cheat without having to pay a dime.

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  • Android phone
  • MTN 0.0kb sim card
  • Ha tunnel plus VPN
  • VPN tunnel configuration file
  • APN configuration settings

How To Activate The Mtn 500MBMBaily E-learning Cheat On Ha Tunnel Plus Vpn

  • Insert an MTN sim card on your phone without data.
  • Now visit and register an account.
  • Navigate through the site until you get a pop-up message saying you have been credited with 500MBMB
  • After the pop has arrived go to your device settings and search for the access point name.
  • When you have found your access point name click on it, it can also be found on the mobile network/data connectivity area.

         How To Activate Mtn 500mb Daily E-learning Cheat On Ha Tunnel Plus Vpn

  • Now click on the + icon to add a new access point name.How To Activate Mtn 500mb Daily E-learning Cheat On Ha Tunnel Plus Vpn

Note: you can also get this free 500MB by downloading my MTN app and clicking on play then head to my learning academy to activate the 500MB e-learning data.

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Add This Apn Setup As Listed Below

Name: Wootech

Access Point Name:


Port: 8080

How To Activate Mtn 500mb Daily E-learning Cheat On Ha Tunnel Plus Vpn

Tap on the three dots on your top right corner and click the save option.


How To Setup Ha Tunnel Plus Vpn

  • Download ha tunnel plus VPN from here.
  • Download ha tunnel plus configuration file from here.
  • Now after installing the app click on the three dots icon on your top right-hand screen.
  • Tap on the import/export option.

      How To Activate Mtn 500mb Daily E-learning Cheat On Ha Tunnel Plus Vpn

  • Click the import config text.

      How To Activate Mtn 500mb Daily E-learning Cheat On Ha Tunnel Plus Vpn

  • Now locate the configuration file you downloaded from here and click on it.
  • The file password is CruzTech
  • After successfully importing click on the start button.

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Note: Once the VPN connection after using it for 10 minutes the VPN will automatically disconnect, you will need to extend your time to continue using it.

How To Add Time On Ha Tunnel Plus Vpn

  • When your VPN is connected click on the three dots at the top right corner of the VPN.
  • Click on renew access.
  • Tap to watch the ad video for free.
  • Watch the ad till you see a message thanks for supporting us.
  • Then cancel the ad and go back to your dashboard.
  • You will be given 6 hours, apply the same steps to get unlimited time.

How To Share Your Ha Tunnel Plus Vpn Connection Via Hotspot

You can share your ha tunnel connection through a hotspot to your various pc and android phones with the help of this detailed article.

Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience trying to activate MTN 500MB daily e-learning cheat on Ha tunnel plus VPN. 

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