How To Activate Mtn Free Browsing Cheat On 24Clan Vpn Lite

Yeah we have quite posted about amazing and blazing cheats over the months on our blog and today am going to be adding another one to the list.

We are going to be making the possible by the use of an amazing vpn with lot of features and lots of amazing pre installed tweaks which is gonna offer you an amazing and awesome user awareness.

Users with mtn sim are the ones that are accessible to enjoy this amazing free browsing cheat without having to subscribe to any data plan on pay a dime.

Some blessed and awesome members of our telegram channel who were making use of this cheat messaged me about this cheat and I ran some few tests and found out it was quite ok.

So I decided to make a post on it so everyone can get a pinch from the cake, so all I need from you guys is to read this article carefully and implement what is written below.

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  • Android phone
  • Mtn sim card
  • Stable connection
  • 24 clan tunelling app (download link in article below)

How To Activate The Mtn 24Clan Free Browsing Cheat

  • Launch and open the app.
  • Click on best server and select server 1.
  • Click on direct and select NG|MTN Data SIM 0.0k

  • When you are done click on the bubble icon to connect.

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