How To Block And Unblock GTBank ATM Card

We are going to be showing you how to block and unblock your GTBank ATM card in today’s article, which a lot of people have been making enquires about.

I doubt if there is a user who carries out transactions with his/her bank account and hasn’t heard about the word known as ATM card.

An ATM card is a payment card or dedicated payment card issued by a financial institution that enables a customer to access their financial accounts.

Via its and others’ automated teller machines and to make an approved point of purchase retail transactions ATM cards are not credit cards or debit cards.

This ATM card is quite a huge upgrade by the banking financial institutions which helps you to go about your cash with ease, without going about with it physically.

We bank users know how important this ATM card is to us and it’s the access to our funds that we have left in our GTBank and other various bank accounts.

Leaving us with no option but to always keep it safe, but we might find ourselves in an unwanted situation where we might have misplaced or gotten our card stolen.

This leaves us exposed to those predators who might try to gain access to our funds and do away with it if they have our 4-digit PIN.

People have even discovered a way to use funds linked to an ATM card, be it GTBank or another bank card, without the 4-digit PIN, with this posing more threat.

The only option to make sure you are safe when found in this state is to block your card, which most people do so by visiting the GTBank branch.

But intruders might have gotten access to your funds before you are done blocking them through this process, so we are going to be discussing an easy way to do so on GTBank.

I have misplaced my GTBank ATM card before and I used this method to block it immediately, which I will be sharing with you in this article.

But you might get to find your missing GTbank ATM card after blocking it and you have not requested another one. The question here is can you unblock the card.

What if I told you yes, it’s possible to achieve this and save the N1000, you are going to spend collecting a new card whenever you visit the bank.

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So let’s get started on this article on how you can block and unblock your GTBank ATM card.

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Reasons Why ATM Card Gets Blocked

  • Gets stolen or misplaced by the owner.
  • Usage by owner in different locations.
  • Advanced payment systems are being introduced.
  • Repeatedly entering wrong ATM card information when making a transaction.
  • Change in terms and conditions governing ATM cards.

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Requirements To Block A GTBank ATM Card

  1. GTBank transfer pin
  2. Good network signal
  3. Phone and sim card to make a call
  4. Phone number linked to your GTBank account.

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Methods To Block GTBank ATM card

  1. Via SMS
  2. Via USSD codes
  3. Via internet banking
  4. Via calling card services

Procedures To Block GTBank ATM Card Via SMS

  • Go to your phone messaging application.
  • Text HOTLIST together with your ACCOUNT number to 08076665555.
  • Make sure the number you are sending the SMS with is linked to the affected bank account.
  • When you’re done send the message.
  • You will receive a message from your bank confirming that your GTBank ATM card has been blocked.

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Procedures To Block GTBank ATM Via USSD Codes

  • Go to your phone dialer application.
  • Dial *737*51*74 and click on the call button.
  • Input the phone number used in your account registration and your USSD transaction pin.
  • When you are done your account would account will be locked and restricted from performing transactions.
  • Your ATM card would also be blocked too.

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Procedures To Block GTBank ATM Card Via Internet Banking

  • Open your preferred browser on your phone.
  • Go to the GTBank online portal
  • Make sure you have enrolled in online banking.
  • Now login to the portal with your username and password.
  • Head over to the menu button and select the Menu button and select “Cards and Cheques.”
  • Tap on “Cards” from the left menu panel.
  • Click on “Card Hotlist” and enter the correct Card number.
  • On the next page state the reason for card hotlisting.
  • Now enter answers to preset security questions.
  • Select Continue and enter your token.
  • Tap on it, and continue to complete the process.
  • Your GTBank ATM card will be blocked immediately.

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Procedures To Block GTBank ATM Card Via Calling Card Services

  • Go to your phone dialer application.
  • Call 01-4480000, 08039003900, For Debit and Credit cards, or 0700GTConnect.
  • Request for the deactivation of your ATM card.
  • Your card will be blocked after a short time.

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Reasons Why ATM Card Gets Unblocked

  • Card found after being displaced by the owner.
  • Complaint by the owner after the card got blocked without their consent.
  • The owner is ready to make use of it after blocking it temporarily to prevent unauthorized transactions.

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Methods To Unblock GTBank ATM Card

  • Via GTConnect

Procedures To Block GTBank ATM Card Via Internet Banking

  • Go to your phone dialer application.
  • Contact GTConnect via the following 0700GTCONNECT (0700482666328) 234-1-4480000, 08029002900, or 08039003900.
  • The customer care representative will require some information from you.
  • After giving them the details, your card will be blocked shortly.

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Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience trying to block and unblock your GTBank ATM card.

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