How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel Without Paying For Charges For Charges

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We are constantly using the airtime on our smartphones and mobile devices to send messages, make phone calls and also use it to purchase data to enable us surf the internet.

But during some annoying and weird situation you might need airtime urgently to carryout an action on your phone only for you to discover the airtime on your line has been exhausted.

You might not have sufficient funds to purchase airtime or you might be in a tight area, the only option you have left to fund your account is using the airtel extra credit service.

Airtel extra credit is a feature introduced by telecom company airtel to enable their subscribers borrow airtime instantly when the are in emergency situations with the option to pay back.

But as the day goes by users are making their voice heard and expressing their backlash about the exhorbitant amount of charge you have to pay when you borrow airtime from airtel.

The charges was 10% on any amount of airtime you borrowed but now it has been increased to a whopping 15% which most subscribers are reluctant to pay.

And for those who decides to go ahead with the airtel extra credit feature, you will be required to pay for the 100% amount you borrowed while you only made use of 85% due to charges.

So alot of users have been asking of how the can borrow airtime on airtel without having to pay charges, in this article we are going to be showing you how you can achieve that.

Also note you must have have recharged your line to a specified amount to be qualified to borrow airtime from airtel network.

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Requirements To Be Eligible To Borrow Airtime From Airtel

  • You must have an airtel sim.
  • The airtel sim card should be 2 months old and above.
  • You must not have an outstanding loan on your sim.
  • Recharging your line constantly with at least N200 monthly.

How To Borrow Airtime From Airtel Without Charges

  • Insert the eligible airtel sim card on your phone.
  • Dial *500*0# on your phone, don’t use the normal code *500#.
  • Follow the instructions and borrow airtime.
  • If you are not eligible you will be sent a message instantly stating you loan wasn’t successful.

So congrats that’s how to borrow airtime from airtel without charges in just some seconds.

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