How To Download GBWhatsapp For Android

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Everyone wants to keep up with trends and keep exploring possible ways to make their online experience on their smartphone better.

It can be browsing, playing games, watching movies, listening to music, or even communicating. But we are going to be focusing on the latter.

This is one of the reasons the smartphone was introduced, and ever since then this feature has evolved and keeps getting better.

From sending text messages and making calls to the introduction of social media apps to make communication way better and more efficient.

Apps are namely Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and without forgetting one of the most used known as WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is an internationally available freeware, cross-platform, centralized instant messaging and voice-over-IP service owned by the American company Meta Platforms.

It allows users to send text and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other content.

Many people and brands use it primarily for their communication purposes. Due to it being reliable, having some amazing features, and being easily accessible to people.

But some people began switching sides, not because WhatsApp was having issues. Instead due to the arrival of GBWhatsApp and its services.

GBWhatsApp is a popular modified variant of WhatsApp with several extra features which can do better than the basic version of the WhatsApp application.

This application has more advanced features like privacy options, improved messaging ability, Anti-Ban, DND mode, etc.

The features are one of the reasons most people are interested in downloading and making use of this app. Which I will be emphasizing more on later in this article.

So I decided it would be of help if I shed more light on this topic, and show you how you can download the GBWhatsApp on your Android phone.

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So let’s get started on this article on how you can download GBWhatsApp for Android.

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Can We Use GBWhatsApp And Whatsapp Together With The Same Number

This has left many users enquiring as some won’t like to switch to GBWhatsApp alone. Some prefer the make use of both apps on their device.

But this can be a hard nut to crack and seems almost impossible. You are going to be logged out of one app in the process of registering.

The only alternative is you can have both apps on the same phone, but for you to be able to make use of them. You need to register with different phone numbers on them.

Does GBWhatsApp expire

The answer to your question is yes it does just like normal WhatsApp, which you would need to update on the Google Play Store app.

But the GBWhatsApp is not on Google Play Store so you need to do this another way. Which is you uninstalling the app and installing the latest version.

You need to regularly make use of the latest features, the app cannot be auto-updated like WhatsApp so you need to do that yourself when it expires.

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What Is The Difference Between GBWhatsapp And Normal WhatsApp

Most who don’t know much about them would think they are the same. I don’t fault them though, because they both look almost the same.

In terms of the designs, interface, and navigation it’s similar, in addition, it was created by developers with the idea of normal WhatsApp.

Just that the GBWhatsApp came with alot of enhancements and features which is difficult to resist. Providing you with fewer restrictions.

Will WhatsApp Ban Me If I Use GBWhatsApp

I would be honest with you and the truth is it’s possible and risky, due to the GBWhatsApp being an unauthorized version of the app.

According to WhatsApp, they don’t permit users to make use of these apps due to privacy concerns. And highly advise against it.

But I haven’t seen alot of people using GBWhatsApp being banned for it, though there are some. But if you need the app you can carry on and not make this an issue of concern.

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What Are The Benefits Of GBWhatsapp

View Deleted Messages

One of the most popular features of this app and to be honest it gives cold chills when talked about. Imagine someone viewing your message after you have deleted it.

Auto Reply

You would find this more interesting when you are running a business. Being able to configure the app to send your clients an automated message when you’re not available.

Higher File Sharing Size

On normal WhatsApp, there is a limit to the number of files you can share with someone at a go. But on GBWhatsApp you can share files without limits.


This app can keep you notified if any of your contacts perform certain changes to their account. Such as when they change their profile pictures.


This is helpful and you can select from one language to the other. So you can get to understand the app and communicate way better.

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Procedures To Download GBWhatsApp

  • Tap here to be redirected to the download page.
  • Click on the download button and wait for the app to be downloaded.
  • Open the file and wait for it to be installed.
  • You might need to allow installations from a third party if you have not before.
  • Now open the app and tap on agree and continue.
  • Input your phone number and tap on next.
  • On the next page type in the OTP verification code sent to your phone number.
  • You will be brought to your dashboard then you can start making use of the app.

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Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience trying to download GBWhatsapp for Android.

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