How To Earn Bitcoins On Crytotab Basic Version Browser For Free

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Cryptocurrency as predicted is now turning into a global phenomen and breaking boundaries daily.

Most especially bitcoin which was not up to a dollar some years back is now worth close to 60 thousand dollars as the price keep rising beyond expectations daily.

In this article we are going to be discussing how you can earn bitcoin through a browser called crytotab, we are going to be discussing everything you need to know about this platform.

Cryptotab browser has been in existence for quite some years now and it’s very legit and trusted with a lot of positive reviews on playstore and other platforms.

You can be earning while you carryout activities on your phone like watching videos, playing games and listening to music, the mining is being done in the background even when your data is off.

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So Here Are The Steps To Follow To Start Earning Bitcoin On CryptoTab

Click here to get started

Locate the pro version of crytotab and click get it on google play.

After installing on playstore open the app and click here.How To Earn Bitcoins On Crytotab Pro Browser For Free

So now you will be required to link your google or any social media accounts to crytotab browser to start mining.

So choose the account you desire to link, as for me I used my google account.

When you are done click on enable mining button and it will start mining.

While mining your balance will keep on increasing.

After 3 hours the mining process will stop, click on the enable mining again and it will be extended to another three hours

Just keep doing so after 3 hours

Note: The mining is done in the background so your data or phone can be off but your mining process will still be active, it doesn’t drain your battery.

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How To Earn More Bitcoins On Cryptotab Browser

To be honest you won’t earn much that will require you to stop your current job with cryptotab browser.

But if you really want to earn those really big bucks with this crytotab browser browser then follow the suggestions listed below

By Increasing Your Mining Speed With Cloudboost

This process will make your Mining process really fast and you earn rewards quickly.

Just click on the increase your mining boost on your dashboard.

Select the plan which you would like to activate and that’s it.How To Earn Bitcoins On Crytotab Pro Browser For Free

But this boosts are not for free as it would require you to make payments depending on the plan you choose.

But don’t panic this last method we are going to list to you is entirely free and would bring you the big bucks if you do as told.

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By Referring Users Through Their Affiliate Program

Copy your referral link located in the promo links section on your mining dashboard.

You can start sending your links to your friends as you earn some percentage as the earn.

But the good news is that you earn a percentage from their referrals also to the tenth level.

Level Earnings

1st Level 15%

2nd Level 10%

3rd Level 5%

4th Level 3%

5th Level 2%

6th Level 1%

7th Level 0.5%

8th Level 0.25%

9th Level 0.125%

10th Level 0.0625%

But for those who can’t refer we got good news for you guys because crypto tab browser is packed with a lot of stuffs to earn you massive referrals.

The have lots of write-ups, banners for blogs, ebooks, videos, landing pages and lots more for which can give you hundreds of referrals for free.

So you don’t have to do much work on crytotab browser before you get referrals, just check in their promo material section and find the method that suits you perfectly.

How To Earn Bitcoins On Crytotab Pro Browser For Free

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How To Withdraw On Crytotab Browser

Click on the withdraw btc button on your crytotab mining dashboard.

You need to verify your gmail before withdrawal.

You will be sent a verification mail to your gmail after clicking verify.

Click on the confirm email button on the mail sent to you and you will directed to another page which shows you email has been verified

Minimum Withdrawal On Crytotab Browser

So nothing to worry much because the minimum amount of bitcoin you need to reach before you withdraw on cryptotab browser is very low.

When you have earned up to 0.0001 bitcoin which is about 1 dollar you can withdraw it your btc wallet.

How To Earn Bitcoins On Crytotab Pro Browser For Free

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One of the world richest men warret buffet once said recommended you have multiple sources of income because thats one of the key methods of getting rich.

And also without hardwork you can’t get to the top, if you are really serious on earning money online you need to put in the work.

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Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience with the free browsing cheat on the comments section.

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