How To Earn Free 11gb Data On Simo App And Also Enjoy Affordable Data Plans

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You all can testify within a short period of time we have made used of alot of free browsing cheat which me mostly posted on our blog immediately it comes to our notice.

But most of those unlimited and capped free browsing cheats has stopped working because of the selfishness of some individuals who report them to network officials in the hope of getting a reward.

If you’re an active member of our platform we will like to notify you that the mtn 500mb e-learning data is no longer working because someone snitched by telling mtn in hope of him getting a reward.

So back to today’s topic, I know you’re excited because it’s rare to find such app which gives you a huge amount of data reaching up to 11gb immediately you start using the app on your phone.

With this application you can enjoy alot of data without having to have a sim on your mobile phone or be connected to any wifi, just download the application and you can start browsing with your 11gb trial data.

Simo is a network provider which offer it services to up to 130 countries globally, after enjoying the free 11gb data with this app you can purchase data plan at a very low rate.

With this app you can get connected to the internet with different networks without a sim card and the offer a pay as you go service which means you no longer need to get worried of getting run out of data again.

But this free 11gb data and sumo services are limited to some devices alone because the have in-built virtual sim chip that allows them to browse the internet even without a sim card or being connected to any wifi connection.

So I guess you’re now salivating to know how to install this app, know if you’re eligible and get this free 11gb data which you can use to access various stuffs on the internet.

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So let’s get started on this article on how you can get 11gb free trial data and enjoy affordable data plans on the simo app for free.

List Of Devices Supported By The Simo App

This the list of some of the devices that are eligible to use simo app and get this free 11gb trial data.

  • BLU G9(available in the us and american countries)
  • Tecno camon 12(available in nigeria)
  • Tecno camon 12 pro (available in nigeria)
  • Wiko tommy 3 (available in Indonesia)
  • Wiko tommy 3 plus (available in indonesia)

if you’re device is not listed above you can also try checking if simo is supported by following the guide below this article.

Note: the are working hard to include some more devices as the day goes by.

How To Get The 11gb Free Trial Data On Simo

  • Download the application on google playstore
  • Now open the app after downloading it on playstore.
  • Signup on the app by using your email address, phone number or social media accounts.
  • Click on connect on your dashboard to get connected to any local network.
  • In less than 60 seconds another network would appear at the top bar.

That’s all you need to activate this data, you can now start enjoying 11gb free data.

Note: if cannot download the app on playstore it means your device is not supported on simo, so you can enjoy it free 11gb data and amazing devices at the moment.

How To Subscribe To A Data Plan On Simo App

After you must have exhausted your free 11gb data you can still enjoy cheap and affordable pay as you go data plans by following the procedures stated below.

You can contact them if you want SIMO to work on your device or you want to purchase an affordable data plan, contact them at

Know more about what SIMO can do at

Let’s us know if you find this post helpful and also don’t forget to leave a comment about your views on this article.

Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience with trying to get the free 11gb trail data on sumo mobile application on the comments section.

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