How To Earn N3000 Or More Daily With Cowrywise Referral Program

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Do you want to know how you can earn N3000 and above with the Cowrywise referral program and boost your financial income?

We got you covered because we will be explaining everything you need in this article, nothing will be left out in this guide.

Money-making opportunities are rare these days and Cowryrise is one of the few you can use to earn money online during this period

Cowrywise is an app that you can use to save money just as you do at home, work, and other places. With just the help of your smartphone.

The app takes away the stress and planning required to save and invest regularly through its automated and easy-to-use platform.

You also earn interest while saving, till the day you set for your savings to expire and you would be eligible to withdraw your funds.

For Muslims who just want to save without earning interests, the halal savings option has been activated and you can go with it.

So now you have known what is Cowryrise savings app let’s get started on how you can earn with it. Just read this guide to the very end to know how to go about it.

This app is not just for savings alone, they have an incentive that rewards when you join this platform successfully, among others.

Also for every user, you convince to join Cowrywise and save some funds you are going to get rewarded. You can earnings are not limited.

Your earnings would be paid at the end of the month, the pay on a specific day of the month to all their users who have successfully referred someone.

If you feel like withdrawing your earnings just head over to the withdraw section, fill in your bank details, and place a withdrawal to your bank account.

Within some seconds your withdrawal would arrive at your bank account, and it would be sent instantly without any stories.

If you are among those people that love earning online without stress, you can get the latest paying online earning platforms such as the one in this article, which can teach you how to earn N5000 or more daily by completing social media tasks and referring users on Hawkit.

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So let’s get started on this article on how you can earn N3000 or more daily on the Cowrywise referral program.

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Requirements To Earn N3000 Or More Daily With Cowrywise Referral Program

  1. Android phone
  2. Phone number
  3. Gmail address
  4. Active data connection 

Procedures To Earn N3000 Or More Daily With Cowrywise Referral Program

  • Go to the Cowrywise signup page
  • Fill in your full name, last name, phone number, email, password, and referral code if required.
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  • Use UGWUN7OQ as the referral code if being asked, if not asked just skip it.
  • If asked for your BVN go ahead and provide it, it’s just for verification purposes, and make sure the details you provided are the same as the one in your BVN.
  • After you have successfully registered and signed up.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Cowrywise.
  • Go ahead to your mail and activate it.
  • Note: the BVN and ATM card details you provided are 100% safe as cowrywise is a registered and highly reputable platform in Nigeria so nobody will temper your details.
  • So now the final thing remaining is to link your ATM card to Cowrywise which we would assist you in doing.

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How to link your ATM card to Cowrywise

  • Click on the menu option in your dashboard.
  • You will be presented with a list of options.
  • Click on payment.
  • You will be asked to link your bank or atm to your Cowrywise account.
  • Choose the ATM card option
  • Now you will be asked to fill in your atm details such as card number, card expiry date, CVV number.
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  • Click on pay N100 when done.
  • You will be asked for your 4 digits pin and then an OTP will be sent to your alert sim.
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  • Paste the OTP you copied from your message and paste it on the box provided and click authorize.
  • Once the transaction of N100 naira is successful to your Cowrywise account you have successfully linked your card.

Note: you will be given N250 plus your extra N100 which you used in linking your card making it N350 on your Cowrywise account which can later be withdrawn.

Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read. Let us know about your experience trying to earn N3000 or more daily on the Cowrywise referral program.

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