How To Flash Any Number On Airtel Without Airtime

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We might not always be opportune to have sufficient airtime on our Airtel network provider sim card and it’s not always a welcoming situation.

Airtel Limited is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 18 countries across Asia and Africa.

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, the company ranks among the top 3 mobile service providers globally in terms of subscribers.

To make most of the amazing services that come along being their subscriber data and airtime is needed, with the latter more important.

Airtime is defined as the time you are connected to your mobile phone network. This includes making calls, retrieving messages, and data use.

Everyone always wants to have more than enough airtime on their mobile phones due to how crucial it might be to our daily activities.

We use airtime on our sim card to buy data bundles and most importantly to make calls to our friends, families, and loved ones.

When we don’t have airtime on our airtel we opt out for various options such as borrowing which can be done via the guide in this article.

But before we can borrow airtime on our Airtel line we need to meet the requirements stated, so you might get find out your sim is not eligible for extra credit.

The only alternative we have left to reach out to this person is by flashing, which the airtime on our sim may still not be enough to carry out this action.

This has led to some network operators introducing the Beep feature which you can use to drop a flash to any number for free.

So today we are gonna show you a legal method in this article which is gonna guide Airtel users on how to flash their friends, relatives, and loved ones without airtime for free.

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So let’s get started on this article on how you can flash any number on Airtel without airtime.

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Procedures To Flash Any Number On Airtel Without Airtime

  • Go to your phone dialer app.
  • Type the phone number you would like to flash.
  • Now add two ** before the number.
  • E.g **08054635452 as seen in the image below.How To Flash Any Number On Airtel Without Airtime
  • Proceed to call when you’re done.
  • The call would disconnect at your end while the person you called will receive a flash from you.
  • As easy as that you’re gonna be able to flash any number without airtime on Airtel.

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