How To Get 1GB Of Data For N100 And 5GB Of Data For N500 On MyMTN App

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Right now I know you are double minded after seeing the title of this blog post, I expect such because I would feel the same way if I am in your shoes.

Some people are already picturing the title as a clickbait to get you to read this article, while some are like it’s been long since we posted such kind of updates.

The heading is no clickbait and everything it entails I would justify them on this article, slowly and steadily you are going to find the truth in it.

This year we intend to provide you guys with non-stop updates as long as they are available, we are ready to deliver at every moment.

Not limited to just how to do tech tutorials and money making updates, we are looking on exploring other niches if we are chanced to do so.

No need downloading a configuration file or a tunneling VPN to get this awoof data bundle, this is legal and its not a free browsing cheat.

It has been available for quite some time now and some MTN users have been making use of it, but not everyone knows about this.

So I decided to create awareness on this and share this with my audience, so those making use of the MTN network can benefit from this.

This has been made possible by the MTN network through the myMTN app, to supply you with these awesome bundles at a very cheap rate.

The myMTN NG app simplifies your mobile life. This app gives you complete access to easily manage your account.

With the myMTN NG app, you can enjoy exciting data offers, track your data usage, buy airtime, share data, and stay up to date with lifestyle content.

You can subscribe to this data bundle on Tuesdays with the N100 for 1GB expiring at the end of the same day, while the later expires at the end of the next day.

When making use of this bundle your surfing is not limited, it works on all platforms and the speed is the same as the normal MTN browsing speed.

We recommend you subscribe to this awoof data bundles when you have huge files to download on your device, to avoid you not exhausting it before it’s expiry.

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So let’s get started on this article on how you can get 1GB of data for N100 and 5GB of data for N500 on MyMTN App.

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Requirements To Get 1GB Of Data For N100 And 5GB Of Data For N500 On MyMTN App

  • Android phone
  • MTN sim card
  • N100 Or N500 Airtime
  • Active data connection
  • MyMTN app (included in the article)

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How To Get 1GB Of Data For N100 And 5GB Of Data For N500 On MyMTN App

  • Click here to install the MyMTN App from Google Playstore.
  • Open the app and click on Lets get started button.
  • Tap on the Continue with phone number option below your screen.
  • Input your phone number then tap on the continue text.
  • On the next page input the verification code sent to your phone number.
  • Tap on Mega Deals in the Deals section on your dashboard.
  • Tap on view all on the exclusive App deals at the bottom of your screen.
  • Scratch any of the blank cards to be provided with the offers.
  • When done tap on the buy now button.
  • Complete the purchase through your airtime balance, bank card or other options.
  • The first blank card is for the 1GB of data for N100 while the second one is for the 5GB Of Data For N500.

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Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience trying to get 1GB of data for N100 and 5GB of data for N500 on MyMTN App.

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