How To Identify Fake Account On Instagram

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Instagram is no doubt the top social media platform and keeps welcoming numerous amount of users to its platform on a daily basis.

It’s quite a welcoming development, but it’s quite sad and downcast to get to find out a huge percentage of these users are fake accounts created for shady purposes.

Instagram currently has roughly an estimated 1 Billion monthly active users but among this, with a huge number of fake accounts of about 95 million.

And this could pose a very big risk to the legitimate users who use this social media platform to go about their day-to-day activities.

These fake accounts could be used for very risky practices such as scamming users, extorting cash from victims, hacking Instagram accounts.

They even go as far as stealing people’s personal information on this platform which they use for cybercrimes such as borrowing loans and mobile phone plans.

Instagram is carrying out a lot of actions in preventing the creation of these fake accounts, such as blocking suspicious IP addresses.

But it seems like this practice keeps growing as the day does by, leaving us with no options other than searching for a way to spot these accounts and improve our safety.

We decided to write an article concerning this issue which is gonna guide you on how to identify a fake account on Instagram.

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So let’s get started on this article on how you can identify a fake account on Instagram.

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Procedures To Identify A Fake Account On Facebook

By Checking The Photos On The Account

Fake Instagram profiles/accounts make use of fake pictures which might look attractive and amazing to their suspecting victims.

Most users tend to follow and such accounts on this platform, thereby granting these predators the chance to carry out their exploits.

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By Checking The Biography Of The Account

Most Instagram accounts usually have a biography that gives you some information about the person behind the profile.

But fake accounts usually don’t have a biography and when they have one it usually consists of weird and mistrustful information.

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By Checking The Followers List Of The Account

A fake account usually does have few followers because the account was created for a reason such as numerous others being created by the user.

They do usually follow a huge number of profiles within a short period, due to they don’t want users to suspect and report their accounts.

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By Checking The Comments On The Account

You will get to find out they only have a few comments from the same set of profiles on every post which are mostly positive and vouching for them.

And the profiles which comment on their posts do have almost the same biographies as them, which looks suspicious.

By Checking The Timeframe Between Posts

They usually make a lot of posts within a short period so the account would have a lot of details and look authentic in the eyes of their victims.

So even go as far as editing the date on which the post was made(can only be achieved on Facebook), which we made an article on how you can achieve that here.

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Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience trying to identify a fake account on Instagram.

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