How To Make Unlimited Amount Of Free Calls On All Networks While The Receiver Pays

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Hope you guys are doing great our amazing viewers as today we will be introducing to you a very vital article on how to make a phone call why the receiver pays.

It can be very fustrating and annoying trying to call someone on your mobile phone and you discover their is no airtime left on your sim card.

And probably you might be short of funds to buy recharge card or there in no shops or outlet within the location you are in for you to purchase airtime.

As fustrating as this issue can be you might resolve that the best solution is borrowing airtime on your sim and for some users the might find out the are not eligible to partake in this offer.

But I guess you didn’t know you could quite bypass all this issues by the call and receiver pays feature supported by telecom networks in nigeria.

This service have been around for quite a while but I doubt if most nigerians has made use of this feature or even even know if its in existence or not, so know I guess u know about it right?

This feature is not a trick or a hack but its a feature that was rolled our by network carriers where you make a call for free and the receiver gets to pay for the call which you made.

So we are going to be listing the pros and cons of making use of this feature below.

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You can put accross a call to any network user for free even if your airtime balance is at zero naira.

Another pros is that you make a call to anyone and the person balance get deducted instead of yours, a feature that is weird and has never happened before.

You can make unlimited calls daily and also stay on the call for a longer period of time because you are not the one paying but instead the person who you called.


One of the cons of this amazing update is that you can’t use it to call other network users, so if you are using an mtn sim you can only use it to call mtn users, if you want to call another network besides mtn you input that sim in your phone.

The person you are calling can decide to receive or accept the call, but this ain’t no big issue because you can still call someone else.

And finally the last con is that the user most have airtime in his or her line which will be deducted after the call has successfully been sent through.

So as you can see the pros is far greater than the cons listed below.

So finally let’s head into the main article and don’t keep you waiting for a longer period of time.

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For Mtn Network Users

So this is an mtn to mtn service incase you are a user of this network that allows the receiver of the call pay for the call made.

Dial 127the receivers phone number#.

E.g 12707030110617#

Yeah it looks simple than you expected right, the called would have press 1 to accept your call or either 0 to reject it. if the don’t have airtime on their sim the call won’t go through and it would show as missed call on their own end, also take notice that the user has the right to accept or reject the call.

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For Airtel Network Users

So for airtel users uses this is an airtel to airtel service which requires the receiver to pay for the call that you made.

Dial #cellphone number then press the call button.

E.g #07030110617

The person you are calling will either have to accept the call, if the person you are calling doesn’t have airtime a voice call will notify you of this update and end the call immediately after that.

For Glo Network Users

This is a glo to glo service if you are a user of a glo network which requires the receiver to pay for the call you put accross to him or her.

Dial *7777cellphone number and then press the call but

E.g *777707030110617

The user which you are putting the call accross to will have the option to either accept or reject the call, if the receiver reject it the call won’t go through.

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For 9mobile Network Users

This is a 9mobile to 9mobile service for users of this network which allows the receiver pay for the call which you put accross to them.

Dial *268cellphone number then you make the call.

E.g 26807030110617

Immediately the receiver picks the call a voicemail will ask the user to accept to pay for the call or reject it, if he rejects to pay the call will automatically end or cancel.

So that’s all you needed to know about this article.

Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience with the free browsing cheat on the comments section.

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