How To Make Your Phone Charge Faster With This 8 Proven Methods

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These days our phone has become a very vital part of us that we want to see it charging so quick when the battery runs down.

People find this very difficult to accomplish, leading them to change cords, chargers and lots more frequently which leads to the damaging of the phone.

In this article we will be listing eight working methods to make your gadget charge fast so the can serve you for a longer period of time.

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Turn Your Phone Off

The quickest way to make your phone charge faster is to turn the phone off, the battery won’t spend any energy at all and it would provide significant boost when charging.

Use Original Charger

Use an original charger from the manufacturer, it perfectly matches the characteristics of your particular phone, cheaper and unknown charging devices can ruin the phone battery.

Enable Airplane Mode

Your phone charges alot faster on airplane mode because it disconnects all communication channels, that way the battery isn’t juggling the task of sending and receiving signals while it’s getting some much needed refreshments.

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Use Wifi When Charging

If you can’t go without internet while your mobile phone is charging, it’s advisable you turn of your mobile data connection and stick to using wifi, its more energy efficient than mobile network.

Turn Off Volumes

Turn of the sounds of the charge last longer and don’t forget to turn of the phones vibration cause its a super battery drainer, keeping your phone mute might be recommended.

Quick Charge Feature

The battery in any phone is designed to receive a certain current string and blocks excess flow of energy, but now with fast charging your phone quickly goes up to 79%, but then this function stops and your phone goes back to normal charge mode.

Remove Phone Case

Your phone feels really hot and stuff being in a case, so remove it off when its juicing up the battery heats up during the charge. its better for this heat to freely escape through the phone body and not accumulate inside the case.

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Use Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers are nearly as effective as conventional ones when it comes to speed, yes its convenient and looks nice without a burgeos cord hanging all over the place.

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