How To Remove Bank Account From Bet9ja

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Those who play bets specifically in the region of Nigeria know whenever the topic “betting” is brought up there is a high probability of Bet9ja being mentioned.

Bet9ja, as known by many, is an online bookmaker company that offers to bet on major sporting events operating in Nigeria.

Ever since established in the year 2013 by Kunle Soname, this platform has grown massively and even made it possible for punters to place bets online.

A lot of punters prefer this method to visiting physical shops to place their bets, which has been going well for quite some time.

Due to the ease which comes with it, in addition to the numerous bonuses and features which are available when you use the online method to stake your bet.

A punters hope when placing bets on any bookmaker is him winning and making profits. That’s why they try to get used to the bookmakers platform as soon as possible.

Various bookmakers have different navigations and rules when making deposits, placing bets, adding and removing bank accounts, among others.

Which we will mostly be focusing on later in today’s article. Due to the wide concerns it has raised and huge amount of searches online.

I earlier wrote an article on how you can add your bank account to the bet9ja bookmaker platform. Which was no doubt easy for punters to apprehend.

But removing your bank account from bet9ja is a bit complicated and not an easy challenge, it would require a bit of tech enhancement to do this on your own.

Just keep reading so you won’t be left dumbfounded when you have a bank account linked to your bet9ja. Which you no longer fancy and would like to remove it.

Not only would you be able to remove a single bank account to your personal Bet9ja account. You will be able to remove multiples if necessary.

So we decided to come to your rescue and in today’s article, we are going to be showing you how to remove a bank account from Bet9ja.

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So let’s get started on this article on how you can remove a bank account from Bet9ja very easily.

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Features Of The Bet9ja Mobile Platform

  1. Compatible with most android devices.
  2. Very easy to navigate.
  3. Bet9ja live score available.
  4. Instant loading time response.
  5. Requires less internet connection speed.
  6. Placing bets and cashouts is made easy.
  7. Betting options are provided according to your preference.
  8. Straight forward platform layout.

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Procedures To Remove Bank Account From Bet9ja

  • Login to your Bet9ja dashboard.
  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the contact us button.
  • You can click on the send message button to contact them via live chat.

Or reach out to them via the phone number, email, and social media details below.

Phone number: 01-8889309, 0-15158888, 01-4405145, 08099990939

Email address: [email protected]

Social Media


Office: Bet9ja

Tomi’s House,

9 Funsho Williams Avenue,

By Fire Service Station,

Ojuelegba Bus stop, Lagos

After contacting them they will remove the bank account you wish to unlink from your Bet9ja profile.

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Procedures To Add Bank Account To Bet9ja

  • Click on the head icon in the top right hand corner of your screen.
  • Tap on the cashier button.
  • Choose the Manage bank account option.
  • Select the Add Bank Account text.
  • Now fill in your account details and proceed.
  • As easy as that your account has been added to Bet9ja Those withdrawals will be sent.

Note: the maximum amount of bank account you can add to bet9ja is two.

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Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience trying to remove a bank account from Bet9ja.

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