How To Search For Lost Channels On GOtv And Restore Them

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Everyone loves catching up with the latest action on their screens ranging from movies to music, sports, the latest news, documentaries, and more.

This can lead to people going the extra mile just to make sure they can catch up with the latest blockbusters and captivating content available.

In order not to miss out many people even go the extra mile by purchasing of decoder, to keep up with trends and never run short of action.

A digital decoder converts the digital signal from your TV provider into images. As a result, you can view the channels that are a part of your subscription.

With some providers, you get a decoder when you take out a TV subscription. This device is also known as a set-top box or digital receiver.

It’s the trend among individuals and families due to the unlimited category of programs and actions you can view non-stop.

There are a lot of decoder brands that you can subscribe to, but the one we are going to be discussing today is GOtv which is very popular among Nigerians and some countries in Africa.

GOtv Africa is a pay television terrestrial service in sub-Saharan Africa owned by broadcaster MultiChoice.

It mainly consists of African and international programming. And offers a lot of channels coupled with amazing features when you’re subscribed to a package.

But in the process, some people do encounter some issues, which is when some of your channels get lost and you can’t locate them.

I have experienced such issues when making use of my GOtv decoder in the past and all I can say is this can be so frustrating and annoying.

Your subscription package will keep running and you can’t enjoy full access due to this, and if not attended to manually this problem can continue for months.

Just read this blog post to the very end and you will be able to overcome this challenge yourself without having to pay a technician to help you out on this.

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So let’s get started on this article on how you can search for lost channels on GOtv and restore them.

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GOtv Packages And Prices In Nigeria

GOtv Smallie

Lite-on price, big on quality. GOtv Smallie is the easiest way to watch your local favorites with crystal-clear channels.

N900 Monthly | 2400 Quarterly | N7000 Annually

You get 35+ channels on this package.

GOtv Jinja

Get GOtv Jinja with sports and great TV 24/7 on crystal clear channels.

N1900 Monthly

You get 45+ channels on this package.

GOtv Jolli

GOtv Jolli guarantees affordable entertainment with flexible payment options to suit your lifestyle.

N2800 Monthly

You get 65+ channels on this package.

GOtv Max

Get maximum entertainment with the GOtv Max package. Packed with local and international series, movies, telenovelas, and kids shows. Guaranteeing a little something for everyone to enjoy.

N4150 Monthly

You get 75+ channels on this package.

GOtv Supa

A Supa-sized GOtv experience. Crystal clear picture with more local channels, more for the kids, more lifestyle channels, more novellas, and more supa reasons to LOVE IT.

N5500 Monthly

You get 80+ channels on this package.

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Procedures To Search For Lost Channels On GOtv And Restore Them Via Remote

  • Press the menu button on your GOtv remote.
  • Choose the advanced option.
  • Now select installation.
  • Select the tuning text.
  • Select automatic scan and press the ok button.
  • After the scanning is done tap on the edit button on your remote.

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Procedures To Search For Lost Channels On GOtv And Restore Them Via SMS

  • Go to your phone messaging application.
  • Text RESET and your IUC number to 4688.
  • E.g RESET 3253535464 to 4688.
  • When you’re done send the message.
  • You will be charged an SMS fee for this.
  • After a short while check for confirmation.

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Procedures To Search For Lost Channels On GOtv And Restore Them Via Self-Service

  • Visit the GOtv website on your phone or PC.
  • Login to your Eazy GOtv account with your IUC number and surname.
  • Tap on the Clear Error code dialog box.
  • Input your IUC number and choose the GOtvE16.
  • Enter the error code displayed on your screen and click on Clear error.
  • Click on the Reset Device Now option.
  • This will reset your GOtv decoder.

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Procedures To Search For Lost Channels On GOtv And Restore Them Via USSD

  • Go to your phone dialer app.
  • Dial *432# and click on the call button.
  • You will get a prompt response with the message “Assistance From Customer Care”.
  • You will now have the opportunity to speak to a customer care representative.
  • Explain the issue to them and they will help you reset your GOtv and restore lost channels.

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Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience trying to search for lost channels on GOtv and restoring them.

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