How To Track A Stolen Phone In Nigeria With This 3 Amazing Methods

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Misplacing your smartphone can be a very devastating and fustrating experience which leads to a lot of thoughts occupying your mind, you might be speculating if it has been stolen, have you kept it somewhere which you couldn’t recall and much similar thoughts.

Nobody wants to experience this situation cause the smartphone might cost a lot of money or you might have a lot of personal information stored in your phone which you don’t want someone else to have access to.

We all don’t want to be in that condition where we have our accounts, passwords, documents, videos, audio files, photos and
lot other private informations to be in the wrong hands because the person might temper with our personal details.

This might lead to alot of sleepless nights and stress if you are confused and without clue when you find yourself in such critical and mind blowing situations.

You might be wondering or asking yourself if there is anyway which you can track and recover your lost stolen phone by yourself, the good news is yes there is.

In this article we are going to be listing 5 methods which you can use 5 effective ways which you can use to track your your stolen phone in nigeria and get it discovered.

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Google My Find Device

Find my device is a feature rolled out by google which helps you locate your lost android phone and lock it out until you get it back.

By using the Find my device service, you allow Google to use location data, device information, and connection events to locate your devices and accessories.

Before using google my find my device your smartphone must be turned on, signed in to a google account, must be connected to mobile data or wifi, be visible on google play, have your location turned on and also have find my device turned on.

Google my find my device can be accessed through the official website or you can search “find my device” on google.

Google my find my device feature is absolutely free when using it to track or lock out your device, you can also get to use this feature by downloading the app on google playstore.

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IMEI Number

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit serial number given to every mobile phone which can then be used to check information such as the phones country of origin, the manufacturer and it’s model number.

This is actually one of the best and most awesome way to track your stolen device to get a quick and desired result.

The 15 digit IMEI number can be used for various and numerous purposes, the main purpose is to identify mobile devices, the second purpose is to prevent theft of smartphones.

A theif can change the sim card of a stolen phone but won’t be able to get away with just that because he can easily be tracked with the use of the phone imei which he stole.

A phone imei can hardly be changed without doing a damage to the phone because it has already been hard-coded into the device software.

You can check your phone imei by daily *#06# and wait for a pop-up displaying your 15 digits imei number, but if you are having issues with this method you can also access your imei by going to your phone “Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> IMEI Information.”

Once you have this information you will need a network operator and the law security agencies to track down this culprit and recover your stolen phone.

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Third Party Apps

Third party app are those application created by a developer who is not the initial manufacturer of your smartphone or device, manufacturer of device also have their own apps which comes with the device automatically.

There are lot of third part apps which offer lots of amazing and easy to use features which can be used to find or track your stolen device for free or a little token.

This third party apps can supply you the exact map or image location of where your missing smartphone is, this makes the process easier if your smartphone is nearby.

If you searches are not yielding to any results you can simply click on a button on your app and clear all the data on your missing device to keep you on a more safer side incase it get found by someone or it’s in the wrong hand.

So all you have to do to start using this third party app is to search for them on playstore and download anyone. cerberus anti-theft, Family Locator and Lost Android are some popular phone tracking apps with other cool features.

You will have to pay a little fee to download some specific apps on playstore or you can choose to go with the lots of amazing free tracking apps available.

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So with the above methods below you can find your android device if you misplaced it or it’s lost, but if you have followed the above listed methods and it proves futile you can contact the police for a more advanced search.

Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience with the free browsing cheat on the comments section.

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