How To Transfer Airtime/Credit From Airtel To MTN

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Do you find yourself in the situation of transferring airtime from your Airtel to MTN sim card, or trying to do so for a friend or close one?

This can be a very demanding task and could leave many in doubt. This is not basic and is being done on a basic.

I have made articles on how to transfer airtime from one Airtel sim to another in the past, and for other networks too so users can achieve this with ease.

But transferring from one network to another is quite complex, the reason I decided to make this post on how to transfer from Airtel to MTN.

Airtel Networks Limited (Airtel Nigeria), commonly known as Airtel, is a leading mobile network operator in Nigeria. According to the subscriber’s statistics.

They have a huge and loyal subscriber base who depend on them for their telecommunication needs and other related features.

They are rivaled by other telecommunication networks in providing super service. With one of the top dogs in the game being MTN.

MTN Group Limited is a South African multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in many African and Asian countries. Its head office is in Johannesburg.

Users of both networks enjoy lots of services from them. From making calls, and sending airtime and data to loved ones to keep in touch.

But one frequent question that is usually asked is how to transfer airtime/credit from one network to another. Specifically from the Airtel network to MTN.

In this blog post guide, I will be providing as many details as possible about this topic and how to transfer airtime from Airtel to MTN.

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So let’s get started on this article on how to transfer airtime/credit from Airtel to MTN.

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Understanding The Process Behind Airtime Transfer

This is quite a basic process and requires just a bit of understanding to know how this works, and gaining full knowledge of this is quite helpful.

It’s just like offering part of your lunch to your friends or loved ones. Subtracting from yours and adding to the balance of the recipient.

And you don’t get charged a fee or additional costs while performing this action. As this is free and a way to spread love.

Be it you are transferring in-between the same network telecommunication, or sending from one network or another it’s the same thing.

You tell the network servers to share your airtime with a specified recipient and this action is carried out immediately after you complete every process and input your pin.

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Necessary Steps When Preparing For Airtime Transfer From Airtel To MTN

Checking Your Balance

Before you are about to transfer airtime you need to confirm you have enough airtime, which is not borrowed or bonus gotten from recharge bonuses.

Confirming The Recipient Number

You will need to have the correct number of the person you are sending to. To avoid making losses by sending airtime to a wrong number which might not be recoverable.

Confirming The Recipient Network

Another important tip to note when transferring airtime is the network. Because the transfer might not go through if the number and network don’t tally.

Having A Transfer PIN

On every telecommunication network, you need a transfer PIN to complete an airtime transfer, I made posts on how to create transfer PINs for different networks like Airtel.

Knowing The Default Transfer Code

When transferring airtime you need to know the network default transfer code, as it’s different on every network and won’t go through if using the wrong one.

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Procedures To Transfer Airtime From Airtel To MTN

This is quite impossible but the below steps would be a bit of help.

  1. Download the TingTel app from Google PlayStore.
  2. Tap on get started and grant the app access to make and manage phone calls.
  3. Select your preferred language, input your first & last name, username, and Neymar027 as referral code, and tap on signup.
  4. Enter a 4-digit passcode and verify it, enter your Airtel number then complete the registration.
  5. Make sure you complete every verification then login to your account with your details.
  6. Select MTN sim as the Recipient network at the top of your dashboard.
  7. Enter the amount you are transferring and click on next, enter the MTN phone number you are transferring to.
  8. Input your mobile network transfer PIN and click on transfer.

Note: you can use your sim transfer pin as your TingTel pin while creating an account (also check the history after every transaction to confirm if it’s a success or not).

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Procedures To Transfer Credit From Airtel To MTN

  1. Go to any store and purchase an MTN recharge card.
  2. Now open your SMS app.
  3. Input the credit or recharge card load number you purchased as a message.
  4. Input the person’s MTN phone number as the recipient.
  5. Complete the transfer with your Airtel sim card.

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Troubleshooting & FAQS When Transferring Airtime/Credit From Airtel To MTN

Why Did My Transfer Fail? Help!

This can be a common issue, make sure you check your balance. Then retry by inputting every necessary detail correctly then proceed.

Recipient Hasn’t Received Airtime Yet?

There are no issues for panic as long as you followed the procedures correctly it would get to them. It might be on hold due to network issues.

I Forgot My Transfer PIN.

There is no issue with for alarm as this case can be rectified by contacting the customer support of the service you’re making use of.

Is There A Limit To Transfer

On Airtel you can make an unlimited amount of transfers of different airtime amounts. Though some networks might have limits, Airtel is different.

Can I Undo An Airtime Transfer

Sorry you can’t as this action can not be reversed, that’s why it advised you to be sure before sending. Though you can tell the recipient to resend back the airtime.

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I hope you found this article unique and fun to read. Let us know your experience trying to transfer airtime/credit from Airtel to MTN.

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