How To Transfer Airtime From Glo To Glo Line

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As we all know there is always love in sharing and as the day goes by we share one or more things with those we love, cherish and adore which might vary from physical materials, money, data bundles and also airtime or credit as we do call it.

You’re in a situation whereby someone has requested a glo airtime from you whereby he/she needs it urgently for a very pressing issue and now all that matters is sending the airtime so you can put smile on the person’s face.

Yeah this ain’t no big deal because you can just get to a shop or kiosk and purchase a glo card and send to the person, but one or two things are restricting you from doing with may be you don’t have the funds to purchase it for the person or you are in a tight position to do so.

You might have decided you want to share some of your glo airtime with the person because that would save you the time, stress and would also save you from burning some of your income on purchasing glo airtime from the person.

You have tried everything possible within your reach to transfer glo airtime from your line to the other user glo line who requested airtime from you but all your attempts have proved furtile and couldn’t yield to anything positive.

Don’t worry when you’re done reading this article you will be able to transfer glo airtime from your line to another glo line with glo easy share successfully without having to go through alot of stress while doing so.

As made known to us by the grandmasters of data globacom, glo easyshare enables you to share your call credit with anyone you choose on the glo network. send credit to family, friends and loved ones in an instant with this service.

Globacom limited, popularly known as glo, is a nigerian multinational telecommunications company founded on 29 August 2003 by Mike Adenuga. as of June 2018, the company employs more than 3,500 people worldwide.

So without wasting much time let’s head into the main reason we are here which is how to transfer airtime from a glo line to another glo line.

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How To Know Your Pin To Transfer Airtime From Glo To Glo Line

As you purchase your sim card from any glo retail outlet or shop automatically your glo easyshare pin would be 0000 but it’s recommended by glo you change the pin because someone might use your sim to send airtime which you didn’t authorize and you know this is a very dangerous issue.

How To Change Your Easyshare Pin Used To Transfer Airtime From Glo To Glo Line

Don’t freakout because changing your easyshare pin is very simple and you won’t have to pay for this, you can change your glo default pin which is 00000 by dialing *132*defaultpin*newpin*newpin#.

So this is an example of how it should look like when changing your glo easyshare transfer pin *132*00000*33221*33221*#.

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Note 33221 was just used as an example, the pin you want to use as your transfer pin should be replace the example I used and also type the new easyshare transfer pin twice as I did.

How To Transfer Airtime From Glo To Glo Line

So after changing your glo easyshare pin which you use when transferring airtime to glo to glo line you need to follow this final procedures to get things done.

You will have to dial *131*receivers phone number*amount*new pin#.

So here’s how it should look your phone dial pad *131*08086535428*1000*33211#, once you have sent it after dialing you will get a message that the amount of airtime you transferred has been successful and you will immediately your balance would be deducted.

Note the number, amount, and pin we used are just for examplary purposes so you should not replicate it exactly, instead you will have to do some modifications as how it suits you best.

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Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know you experience with this tutorial on how to transfer airtime from glo to glo line on the comments section.

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