How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel Line Using The Me2U Service

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We go about our activities daily with alot of resources which we use to make things smooth and steady, a huge number of people can testify to the fact that having airtime on your mobile phone plays a major/vital role in keeping us connected.

Airtime also known as credit has alot of benefits to us because we use it in calling our family, friends, relation, colleagues and lots of our loved ones and also we can use it to purchase data bundles which we use to access the internet to get information about alot of things in the globe.

But in some dire situations of using this airtime we might exhaust it and we can’t enjoy the amazing benefits airtime offers, the only option we have is purchasing another airtime but we know it might be expensive or we simply don’t have the funds for that.

So it led to airtel to introduce a the me2u feature which gonna help their subscribers send the airtime on their line to another airtel user for free within seconds, so you don’t have to always spend those big bucks on purchasing of airtime for your airtel sim card.

Airtel according to wikpedia airtel is a multinational company that provides telecommunications and mobile money services in 14 countries in africa, primarily in east, central and west africa. airtel africa is majority owned by the Indian communication services company Bharti Airtel.

If this is your first time of hearing or you know little about the airtel me2u feature, airtel me2u is a free service created by airtel which gives you the ability to share or transfer your airtime with friends and loved ones within the twinkle of any eye.

So we know right know you’re already longing to know of how you can use this airtel service to start transferring airtime/credit to your loved ones immediately, don’t worry we got you covered and will reach you everything to enable you successful transfer airtime on airtel to using the me2u feature.

So without wasting much time let’s head into the main reason we are here which is how to transfer airtime from a glo line to another glo line.

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Some Amazing Features Of The Airtel Me2U Services

The airtel me2u feature for sending airtime on airtel is packed with some amazing features which we will love to make known to you.

  • This service is free so you won’t be charged for it.
  • You can transfer airtime unlimited of times daily.
  • The is no limit to the number of time you can transfer airtime to a specific airtel number.
  • Registration or any process of setting this up is not required.

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How To Know Your Me2U Pin Used In Transferring Airtime On Airtel

The moment you activate your airtel sim card you purchase from any airtel retail outlet or shop, by default your airtel me2u pin is 0000 but it’s recommended by the airtel network providers that you change your me2 pin.

Someone might use your sim to send airtime to someone which didn’t authorize and this would lead to lose or shortage of funds and could also pose a great risk to your private security.

How To Change Your Me2U Pin Used For Transferring Airtime On Airtel

Changing your me2u pin is very easy so don’t get scared or catch goosebumps because you’re not going to encounter a tireless journey doing so.

All you have to do is to send “Pin Your Old Pin And New Pin” as a message to 432.

This is how the text should look like before you are the message to 432 “PIN 1234 6004”

When you are done you will get a reply shortly stating that your airtel me2u pin has been changed successfully.

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How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel Line Using The Me2U Service Via Sms

So in this final part of this tutorial we are gonna be showing you how to transfer airtime on airtel line using the me2u service with two methods, so you just have to go with the one which is easier and more convenient for you.

So to transfer airtime using the message method you will have to send 2u followed by the amount you are sending then the receivers phone number coupled with your pin.

This is how it should look like on your message box “2U N500 08061444597 6004” to 432. when you are done typing you should send it to 432.

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel Line Using The Me2U Service Via Ussd

So to use we prefer this method as easiest but to you it might vary so let’s show you how to use this method to transfer airtime on airtel.

Dial *166*Amount*Airtel number# on your phone.

Click on send when you are done typing.

Type in the the amount your sending.

Click on proceed when you are done and click ok.

You’re airtime would be sent successfully to the airtel number your sending the credit to.

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Note you should edit the information we used as example above to your own preference such as amount, pin and receivers phone number.

Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know which of the two methods listed above to transfer data from mtn to mtn phone number you found as the easiest on the comments section.

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