How To Unlock Locked Android Phone Without Losing Data

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We all have phone lock or password enabled in our android device because it helps keeps our information private and prevent outsiders from getting to have access to it.

We all never want to in such a tight situation where we have forgotten our phone password and currently don’t can’t access our android phone for quite a period of time.

But this can unplanned event can actually happen after you might have changed your password for frequently in a short while, you couldn’t remember because you already have alot of password you are storing, or someone might have known your password and decided to change it.

This could actually prick your mind because you might want to carryout some urgent activities on your android phone but can’t because you are faced which such as huge roadblock.

We all know that we can’t resolve this problem of getting locked out without having to reset our android phone password, but we are scared of losing some information we didn’t back up.

What if we introduced some ways you can reset your android phone password without losing any data, so in this article we are going to introducing to you a few ways can unlock your android locked android phone without losing any data.

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Android Device Manager

Android device manager is a security feature that helps you locate, remotely lock or wipe your android device incase of emergency issues.

Yeah this method is so reliable but the only way it’s gonna work is if you already have the android device manager app on your android phone before you got locked out.

So in order to start the password reset process you need to visit manager with a pc or mac and sign in with google details that you are using on the phone you are trying to reset the password.

When you are successful in your android device manager dashboard, select the device on your screen which you would like to unlock and click on the button, enter a temporary password then you click on the lock button again.

So now go back to your phone and enter the temporary password you set in android device manager, when your phone has been unlocked you can now go to your settings and disable the temporary password.

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Forgotten Password Button

This method is easiest and safest way to reset your phone password because you can get it done within seconds and regain Access to your device.

Click on the forgot password button on your lock screen and you will be required to answer some easy questions which you added when creating your android phone password.

Just answer the question you were asked correctly and your device will be unlocked automatically, it is even guessable because you filled it as backup when creating your password.

But in some phones you might be required to enter your google account details in order for you to unlock your android phone without losing data.

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Phone Rescue App

PhoneRescue is a computer-based iOS or android tool for data recovery. this app is created to help smartphone users recover their different kinds of data such as photos, messages, contacts, call logs, music, videos, calendar and a wide vary of files.

When you have downloaded the app on your android phone, launch it and connect your android phone phone to the computer via usb cable.

Choose on the lock button on the top of your screen and chose the lock screen removal function

After the recognition process is done, click on the start unlock button to unlock your android phone.

When the screen lock has successfully been removed your android phone will restart automatically then you can now start using it.

Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience or your side of view concerning the article on the comments section.

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