Latest Free Browsing Cheats 2021

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Are data fees so high that you find it difficult to go on your normal routine on the internet without interruption?

Don’t worry this article got you covered as we will providing you the latest free browsing cheats of 2021 which you can to access the internet without getting to pay outrageous fees for data.

All you need is to read and follow the guides below and you are good to go.

Glo Unlimited Browsing With Opera Bundle

  • Get two glo sim cards
  • Make sure there is no data on both sims
  • On the first sim activate glo opera mini bundle by dialing *777#.
  • Now share the data you subscribed to the other sim by dialing *127*01*#.
  • Now switch on your data on the second sim and start browsing unlimited.

Note: don’t switch off your data connection on the second sim unless it the unlimited browsing will stop working.

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9mobile 2.5g for N250 social pak

  • Download and install ectunnel from playstore here.
  • Subscribe to 9mobile special chatpak by dialing *343*6*9# which cost 350 naira and is valid for 1 month.
  • When you dial *228# to check your balance you will only see 500 mb while the remaining 2 gig is hidden.
  • Open your ec tunnel and follow the instructions below.

Click on the rocket icon below.

Image for post

Choose any country of your choice.

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Also click on the sim card icon and select 9mobile 2 gig social pak.

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Note:You can also acculmulate the data but don’t browse without the VPN or your 500mb will be exhausted.

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Airtel 500mb for N100 Social Bundle

Dial *141*104# to subscribe to airtel social bundle.

Install techoragon vpn lite from here.

Click on the location icon below.

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Choose any country of your choice.

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Also click on the globe icon and choose airtel 500mb social bundle.

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Note:This cheat can also be accumulated but don’t browse without the vpn or you would exhaust your social bundle.

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Mtn N2 for 10 mb, N200 for 1gb, 300 for 1.5gb and more

  • Grab your mtn sim card.
  • Insert into your device if not inserted.
  • Dial *121#.
  • Select option 2 {data 4 me}.
  • A list of data plan options will. displayed to you.
  • Choose your desired plan.

Note: You can only acculmulate some data plans to a desired extent.

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Hope you found this article amazing and easy to read, feel free to reach out to us in the comment section if you have any questions or anything to tell us.

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