Latest Glo Free Browsing Cheat On Tls Tunnel Vpn

Today guys we are going to be bringing to your notice one of the latest cheats right now which you can use to browse the web unlimitedly.

But we found out this cheat is very slow in the sense that it makes use of dns tunnelling, any cheat that works with dns tunnelling is slow when surfing with it and that’s usually associated with most glo loopholes.

But as usual we can’t get to know of a cheat without introducing it to our amazing audience, so just keep accessing with this one till we get a one which works faster.

You won’t have to go through alot of stress setting this cheat up because it’s very easy, you just have to import it to your tls tunnel vpn and that’s all.

So lets get started on how to set up this cheat, but also bear in mind as we stated you are likely to experience slow network connection when making use of it.

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Requirements For The Cheat

Android phone

Active network connection

Glo sim card

Tunnelling app (download link in article below)

How To Activate The Free Browsing Cheat

Make sure you are making use of the default glo apn settings.

Now you would have to subcribe to glo N100 data plan(this would enable data connection on your network)

Download tls tunnel dnstt plugin from here.

After you are done download glo unlimited configuration file here(the file should end with tls)

Now install tls tunnel app from playstore.

Click on the three dotted icon on the top right to import.

Locate the configuration file you downloaded and click on it.

After you have successfully imported the file click on it to connect.

It won’t take some seconds and it will connect successfully.

Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience or your side of view concerning the article on the comments section.

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