List Of 4 Dangerous Apps You Should Never Install On Your Android Phone

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Android apps are those software designed to run on a phone operating system, the might come pre-installed with the android os or you have to install them yourself manually through different methods.

These apps can be so amazing and great because it answers most of our solutions on our phone and let us carryout various features such as playing games, watching videos and lots more for a free or a little fee.

These android apps can be downloaded on google playstore or you can download from other companies which have created their own stores with alot of android apps on it.

It might be quite fun downloading these apps within some few seconds and you start running it on your phone immediately, but most of these apps comes with some dangers which were not properly worked on by the producers or the input it there on purpose.

Some of these issues namely are bloatware, malware and privacy issues which can ruin your android phone itself if you are not careful with most of them you download.

So in this article we are going to be listing 4 very dangerous apps you should never in anyway install them on your android phones.

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This app on playstore can be categorized among those apps which claims to clean up the junk files on your phone and free up more space on your phone.

Before you can start using this app with millions of downloads on playstore you need to grant the app some permissions to your phone.

Clearing your cache with this app will only slow down your phone the more and will also kill some background apps on your phone which at the end of the day it leaves a lot of damage done on your android phone.

Alternatives: Greenify, CCleaner.

Dolphin Browser

As the name states you already know its one of those app which you can use for your day to day browsing and online activities.

Tons of researches and users over the years have stated that this app saves your incognito mode session which suppose to be private and it also reveals your real ip address while you are accessing the browser with a vpn.

This means you can’t go anonymous when using this app and it might do a lot of danger to your privacy without you knowing.

Alternatives: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, DuckDuckGo Browser

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SuperVPN Free Vpn Client

This popular app has a massive 100 million plus downloads on playstore and it one of the most used apps on the vpn category.

But as per feedbacks by cyber security analyst the gave an alerting feedback that this app has alot of critical vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to carryout “man in the middle attacks”, stealing of personal information, photos and private chats and your credit card details.

Not only that, criminals can also exploit the vulnerabilities of this app by hijacking your network connection to malicious websites that could endager your privacy or security.

Alternatives: Express VPN, Nord VPN, Proton Vpn.

Fildo Music

This app was once an illegal downloading app which disguised as a local music player for quite some periods of years.

The app has discontinued the music download after coming under the limelight for their deeds and have now changed their services to a music management app.

But however its always good to be cautious of such apps which offer services which varies from their primary features, so we suggest you use another app for your music needs so as not to be endagered.

Alternatives:VLC, Boomplay, Audiomack, Spotify

So with the help of this article we hope you have learnt the issues engaged with the apps below and we advise you to run aways from similar apps so you can have a nice experience always when using android apps.

Also add any apps you know that are similar to this listed above in the comments section so you can educate others also.

Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your experience or your side of view concerning the article on the comments section.

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