The Latest Updates On The Facebook Major Outage

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Today most social media users experienced the shock of their lives when tried logging in to their Facebook account and it was inaccessible.

Top social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, workspace, messenger, and a host of related products are currently broken down.

Users started experiencing the issues before 5 pm which seemed like it was a little bug to them, but Facebook itself confirming it has kept lots of people in awe and panic.

This is not the first time Facebook is experiencing a major outage with the recent occurring during June and April this year.

But this one looks more critical than others which were resolved after a short while the major outage occurred.

So let’s get started on this article on the latest updates concerning the facebook major outage.

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Reason Why Facebook Might Be Difficult To Recover And The Latest Updates

Facebook might be in for their toughest moments right now with rivals telegram continuously aiming shade at them, lets go into the article on why Facebook might be gone forever.

Earlier today a cyber security expert Brian Krebs who runs a popular blog announced that Facebook DNS records have been removed from the global routing cables.

Global routing is done to provide instructions to the detailed router about where to route every net. It provides the channels for interconnect to be routed.

For those who don’t understand, it means Facebook and other of their related platforms have had their records wiped from the internet address book.

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Meaning when you type Facebook on your internet browser, the system which communicates with Facebook on where to be directed has been withdrawn.

A rumor was generated a few hours back that the Facebook domain has been stolen, the rumor has been quite believed due to the Facebook domain name being listed for sale on whois.

Also, it was reportedly stated that the data of Facebook members are being sold at hacker forums for $5000 per million users, this would value the entire set of Facebook user data is at $7.5 million.

It was recently claimed the outage was likely caused by internal mistake and outside hack less likely, let’s just hope its true.

With Facebook owner losing 7 billion dollars in shares and a larger number of people’s data and account at risk, we do hope everything should get sorted out.

It has been confirmed by most users that the facebook app is now accessible and working fine, we just confirmed it from our own end.

Finally the facebook website is live and users can now use it as usual, but some of facebook platforms are still down such as WhatsApp.

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Hope you found this article amazing and fun to read, let us know your view on this article we made concerning the facebook major outage.

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