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Developer tooling maker “JetBrains” just made a survey on the top programming languages for developers and Javascript turned out to be the most widely used programming language among developers globally, and Python turned out to be ahead of java on the list.

Below is the list of the programming languages according to the survey made by Jetbrains;

1. JavaScript
3. SQL
4. Python
5. Java
6. Shell scripting language
7. PHP
8. TypeScript
9. C++
10. C#

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According to JetBrains’ survey, JavaScript was used by 69% of all respondents in the past 12 months, and 39% nominated it as their primary programming language.
JetBrains, a Czech-based tech company, is the maker of the official Android app programming language, Kotlin, and tools like the Java tool IntelliJ IDEA.
The survey found that Python is more popular than Java overall. A total of 52% reported using Python this year, compared to 49% who said they used Java. Last year it was 55% to Java and 54% to Python. However, Java is more popular than Python as a main language, with 32% reporting Java versus 29% for Python.

According to the research, The five fastest-growing languages are Python, TypeScript, Kotlin, SQL, and Go.

The survey looked at the most popular tools and systems for each language. For C, the most popular IDE is Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. On build systems, the most popular is CMake, followed by Makfiles. By far, the most popular compiler is GCC, with 82% of C users nominating it as their compiler, followed by Clang at 34%.
For C# developers, GCC came out on top too, but Visual Studio was the top IDE, followed by JetBrains Rider, while Windows was the dominant development environment. GCC was also the top choice for C++ developers.

This report is based on answers from 31,743 developers, most of whom are professional and employed.

This article is culled by Jabir Abdulhamid and credit to JetBrains for the research data.

You can also contact him through twitter @jabdul4u

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